stillalive studios is an ambitions game development team that got together in early 2010 in Innsbruck (Austria). Over the years we mastered the distributed nature of our team and since 2015 there even is an office in Innsbruck housing half of members. We focus on exciting core games for PC/Mac/Linux, and have experience with Unity, Unreal, Steam, VR, Eyetracking, BCI and much more. Make sure to check out our track record.

If you are interested in joining us have a look at our join us section.

Julian Mautner

Tech & Creative Director

Alexander Grenus

Game Designer

Armin Stocker

Art Director

Tobias Mayr

Tech Lead

Daniel Sluschny

Tech Artist, Level Designer

Manuel Matscher

Tech Artist, Server Admin

Martin Kolb


Xander Doil

3D Artist

Andreas Grois


Jason Mathews

3D & FX Artist

Chris Polus

Audio Director

Sandra Matscher

Junior Project Manager

Thomas Trenkwalder

Junior Programmer

Jeremias Boos

Junior Programmer

Hubert Scharfetter

Junior Programmer

Marina Radovanovic

Intern Programmer

Moritz Kertesz

Junior Programmer