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stillalive studios
stillalive studios shared Emergency Tycoon's post.2 days ago

Our game's FB page and Store Page went online :-) Stay tuned for more :) Teaser coming soon! :D

stillalive studios
stillalive studios added 2 new photos — traveling to San Francisco with Julian Mautner.5 days ago

Our captain Julian is currently traveling through the states for business! He first stopped by Microsoft in Redmond and today he jumped to San Mateo to visit Sony's PlayStation quarters! Let's see what experiences and news he's going to bring back for us ☺️

stillalive studios
stillalive studios added 3 new photos — with Julian Mautner and 4 others.2 weeks ago

#DevSummit11 continues on winter mode! We gathered with our family's gamedevs in Munich and on the first day, we updated each other, got to ask Unreal Engine our questions and have a cozy dinner with Bavarian food!

stillalive studios
stillalive studios2 weeks ago

Are you ready to be the next Game Designer Bro/Sis, work with Andrei & Alexander and design core games? If you're a creative ninja & you already worked on a game before, hit us up!
We're recruiting: bit.ly/SAS-design

stillalive studios
stillalive studios
stillalive studios4 weeks ago

Hey and welcome to #stillalivePeople , where we introduce our team to the world! This is Hubert, one of our programmers and a really fun guy. He has been with us for over a year and was brave to volunteer first to go...

stillalive studios
stillalive studios
stillalive studios created a poll.4 weeks ago

Both are sneaky... But who is sneakier: Our tech artist Daniel or social media manager Polen? VOTE NOW!!! 🤔


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