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stillalive studios
stillalive studios shared a post.

Hey - check this out & get workin! Ready to become the best bus driver on console?😎

stillalive studios
stillalive studios is with Philipp Arnold and 2 others.

gamescom madness is spreading and we're ready to go crazy! Philipp, Julian, and Christoph will be at the convention this year to represent our team. Find them at the booth below or any place where Bus-Simulator is involved! Just yell "Bus Simulator is awesomee!" and...

stillalive studios
stillalive studios is feeling fabulous.

Introducing: Style a Life studio! 👠👗Our new fashion branch, ready to style your life with the help of our expert gamedevs. Happy #TGIF!

(This happened when Philipp visited the hospital and said "stillalive studios" as his employer 😅)

stillalive studios
stillalive studios shared a photo — feeling relaxed.

You've all been waiting impatiently... And we can now finally say it:
Bus Simulator 18 console version now has a release date: 17th September, coming to your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

stillalive studios
stillalive studios is feeling old with Gideon Ung and 5 others.

stillalive presents... That feeling when the week is almost coming to an end & you feel like you've aged 50 years..

stillalive studios
stillalive studios added 4 new photos — with Daniel Uprimny Arcos and 11 others.

The story of our mascot SAM goes full circle and ends with the nicest episode!
Thanks, Katja for making these and all our team members for making work feel like home

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