Dev Diary #13 – Tutorial Time

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It’s tutorial time in the development of Son of Nor. While we’re working on completely revamping The Edge once again, Julian took on the task of blocking out the tutorial part of the game. It’s everything but pretty but the goal of this exercise is not to look good but to program all the stuff that needs to work in this level in order to gently introduce players to the game mechanics. Maybe we’ll distribute this tutorial as an early game demo for some testers to try out! Stay tuned.

  • We’ve thrown away the old Edge because we completely screwed up our scales. The character was extremely tiny and everything was so huge. We’ll have a conference call on Monday where we need to define a new workflow to get scales right once and for all so everybody knows how big things should be. Standards are so effin’ important. Why haven’t we seen this coming?
  • Julian created a functional blockout of Son of Nor’s tutorial. Functional means that stuff works and game mechanics are programmed. The layout of the map can and should be changed to make the tutorial more interesting. So the next step would be handing off this tutorial to our level designer who adds more interesting paths, lengthens or shortens sections, and then distributes assets to our env artists.
  • We’re happy to announce we have a new team member (still in his trial period), who might take over level design and lead environment artist. That would be really cool. We wish him all the best! He’s got some great experience from past game projects and already made several suggestions to our workflow.
  • This diary also features the best MANUAL CAMERA SHAKES ever seen in a video game!

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