Dev Diary #15 – Sand Temple Blockout

OK, we’re back with some actual in-game footage!

  • Julian’s been busy creating a blockout of a new area. The “Sand Temple” is located below The Edge.
  • We have 2 puzzles working down there that slowly introduce you to the concept of telekinesis and how the world works.
  • We have a new team member and he’s a work horse! He creates awesome concepts and constantly asks for more work. I don’t know where to take it from since we have to discuss things carefully before giving it for concepting and building. Ha ha. Luxury problems!
  • The scarab bug concepts are from our new artist, the statue concept is from our long-time member Olivia.
  • Don’t miss out on Julian’s cyclops.

Also, we’re still running for Indie of the Year 2012 on IndieDB! Vote for us! Thanks :)

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