Dev Diary #16 – Controls, Arrows, Aliens

A lot to talk about this week. First of all a HUGE thank you to everybody that voted for us on IndieDB! We made it into the top upcoming games of 2012 in the category role playing! That’s so great!


  • We changed controls in the game to make combat more fluent. Instead of picking up items with telekinesis one after another players can now lift a number of items in reach at once to shoot using telekinesis. Players can’t move while lifting multiple items, so this convenience comes at a cost. We’ll see if this works out over time.
  • A Sarahul having a bow and shooting arrows is still in the works. But we implemented the AI for arrow shooting enemies.
  • Dynamic terrains and enemies are a challenge. But now enemies take terraforming into account. When players terraform in front of them, enemies will run up the hill or run around to get a clear shot at players again.
  • Pathfinding now also takes terraforming into account.
  • The Edge has a new, smaller town area. It helps keeping our assets under control and not have to make huge structures. It’s still in rough blockout stage though.
  • At the end, there’s an alien space ship. Or a giant blinking christmas tree. Depending on what you believe in. Merry Christmas everybody!

Thank you members, fans, and press for a fantastic year. All the best and see you in 2013.

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