SAS at Devmania 2012

Actually, I haven’t planned on reporting about Devmania. But I just saw a photo on our internal platform Basecamp that made it impossible not to publish it :) So, here’s the story.

We met the nice guys from Uniworlds at this year’s GDC in cologne and they invited us to their Devmania event in Mainz / Germany. Events are such a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, show your game and get valuable first-hand feedback.

So Julian went there and even introduced Son of Nor officially on-stage. He also participated in the overnight game jam and created a game called “Primitive Needs” which we’ve played the hell out of internally already as soon as he got back. It’s addictive and mind-bending! Also, he won 2 prizes 8-o

  • 2nd place for Son of Nor in the “Best Project” category
  • Primitive Needs won “Best Implementation” in the overnight contest

We’re very humbled and happy that people liked Son of Nor, but the most important thing for us was to meet the developers that were there and we hope we stay in touch!

Later, Julian posted a little report on Basecamp and added this photo, LOL! That’s one happy guy!

Thanks to all Devmaniacs for the hospitality, for all the valuable feedback we got for our game and dev logs, and hopefully see you next time! (I’ll try not to be on holidays in a remote area of the Swiss mountains.)

And now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to beat the final levels of Primitive Needs…

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