We Got Interviewed

For us, it’s a great experience and an honor if we get asked for an interview. This happened recently when Peter Fußl from the German online game site in-ga.me mailed us. Find the interview here. Thank you Peter for taking the time and being interested in our project. It’s in German though, so get your translators out :)

Also: Korea

Julian’s been at G-Star in Korea, one of the biggest game conferences in Asia. The trip was organized by the Austrian Economic Chamber of Trade. Once there, Julian met with lots of publishers and he talked to fellow developers. And I can tell you that he brought home a myriad of new impulses for the game, our development process and organization together with about 72 business cards he needs to add to his address book and follow up on. Here he is, together with fellow Austrian game developers who helped us a lot with their input. Thanks guys!

Here’s an article about the whole event by futurezone.at: “Heimische Games in Südkorea ein Begriff”. Again, in German.

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