Dev Diary #17 – Scarab Attack

Happy New Year everybody! We at stillalive hope you had a great transition. We certainly had. And we’re back with a backpack full of motivation. Probably the biggest news is that we started to pay our first members! We won a governmental boost in Austria for our project and our business plan and we started to send that money to our artists. From now on, 2 people get paid for working at stillalive studios, and 1.5 will be added to the payroll next month. That’s great as well as terrifying…

What happened in game development:

  • Our main character gets a new rig and we hope to finally implement the new main character model into the game.
  • Daniel, one of our concept and 3D artists modeled a bug he concepted a few weeks back.
  • Julian implemented the bugs and added crowd behaviour. Bugs don’t yet have any animation though, they just slide on the ground, but it’s barely visible.
  • We’re working on a closed alpha where we will send an early demo to a very small amount of people to get early feedback on the controls.

Thank you members, fans, and press for a fantastic year last year. We’re all looking forward to what’ll happen in 2013.

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