Dev Diary #18 – Character and Sound

This week we’re visiting a topic we haven’t visited in a while. Sound. Sound is incredibly important for a great atmosphere. Even a slight wind breeze adds a feeling of space and location. So let’s see what I’ve been able to implement in the past week. Also, we reached a milestone with our character. It’s implemented and it works with Mecanim, Unity 4’s new animation system. Even though the standard animations that come with Mecanim are not suited for our needs but, see for yourself…

  • Developed sounds for a falling drawbridge, wooden objects collide with other objects, counterweight chain mechanism, arrow trap training mechanism, arrow flyby, walk into plant rustles. More sounds were created but are not properly implemented in the game yet.
  • For certain sounds to start playing we implemented a special collider that triggers sound events as soon as a collision with a specific other object is detected.
  • Rigged and skinned the main character and connected it to the Mecanim animation system.
  • Imported the main character into the game. Colors and textures are missing and a part of the clothes, too, though.
  • Implemented help system for the tutorial.

The first week has now passed in which several of our members work full-time on this project. Predictably this led to certain tensions regarding roles and competencies. This is such an important aspect of any team that this cannot be overemphasized. Pro tip: It’s mega-important to talk about tensions as soon as possible, before they get insurmountable. And about role definitions and competencies.

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