Dev Diary #19 – The Promise

We made a huge jump in the past couple of weeks. Several artists finished their work and we could put in many things at the same time. You’ve seen the new visuals and rocks we have in our tutorial level. We’ve got more of that this week. But we also thought it would be super fun to develop a story around this week’s dev diary. So we dove into the game’s lore and came up with a narrator that utters a promise towards the Sarahul. And we illustrated that promise he makes with our new visuals and places we have in the game. We all worked very hard to get to this state and we’re very happy how it turned out.

Of course this is still pre-alpha work. Everything you see is heavily being worked on. We still have issues with the character, dynamic cloth, hairs, animations, there are lots of other construction sites as well. But we felt like celebrating what we achieved so far. Especially if you take a look where we came from just a few months ago!

  • Nearly completed the tutorial level and help subtitles.
  • Completed the cave section and added light shafts to holes in the ceiling.
  • Added new lighting to the tutorial level with a sunlight and 3 fill lights to create atmosphere and mood.
  • Added sounds to a door with a timing mechanism to learn one of the game’s controls.
  • Added sounds to a pack of scarab bugs.
  • Implemented the real model for the drawbridge and the timing mechanism button door.
  • Implemented a rock nerved with crystal chunks that will have a special gameplay role in the game.
  • Added the main character with hair, re-targeted run forward animation, and dynamic cloth.
  • Added camera shake controller that shakes the camera on gameplay evens such as the drawbridge fall down (I don’t need to simulate this manually with the mouse anymore ;)
  • Many more little additions, fixes, and programming features.
  • We continued work on an AWESOME dynamic wind system that makes grass and other things shake realistically in the wind.

We’re going to wrap up the tutorial and give it out to a closed group of testers to get their feedback on the controls and the tutorial level in the next 2-3 weeks. And now enjoy this dev diary special edition :)

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