Dev Diary #20 – Touchy Crystals

This week we show you clips about what lighting can do to your scenes, what’s up with magic crystals (which will play a role in the game) and a preview of the updated magic system. Apparently you also get a glimpse of me doing some stupid looking moves in my studio to show animators how I think the character should move. For this, I’ll seriously consider hitting Julian next time I’m in Innsbruck. *Sigh, why do I have to release the dev diaries and humiliate myself? Srly.

  • See the difference in lighting from before and after.
  • We have 1 sunlight and 2 fill lights, one from the directly opposite direction of sunlight.
  • To specifically touch up areas we use spherical lights where needed.
  • We integrated magic crystals that’ll play a role in puzzle solving and fights.
  • Updated magic system to improve usability in fights.

Thanks for not telling anybody how stupid I look…

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