Dev Diary #21 – Ragdolls and Telekinetic Shockwaves

Not everything we start working on is a big hit from the get go. But of course, you knew that already. This week, we have some of the more funny fails for you.

  • We implemented a splash screen / loading screen / game menu. That wasn’t a fail, actually.
  • We bought some animations and integrated them. Don’t look 100% cool either! What’s going on with this animation stuff??!! Argh, can it be so hard?
  • Ragdolls! The rubber man returns. Or alternatively: Our ragdoll model shows what you might get if you answer spam mails in your inbox that promise “enlargment services”.
  • For those with claustrophobia. Use the telekinetic blast we implemented if surrounded by enemies. It might be a little bit too powerful.

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