Dev Diary #22 – Animations, Magic, Cliff Diving

It was a very busy week.

  • Julian left for holidays so he worked double shifts.
  • We implemented animation concepts to better judge how animations feel in the game. Does this animation for that activity look good? Or does it look lame if watched 100 times?
  • Rough animations for terraforming, telekinesis, area telekinesis, telekinesis throw were implemented. These animations will be replaced by smoother animations as soon as we know how they should look like.
  • Fire fairies indicate that you stored a fire element and have it active. Don’t worry, they’re only temporary and will be replaced by a better effect.
  • Logic behind the magic system was programmed. We changed the mechanics slightly for better playability and fun in combat.
  • We’re testing the new mechanics with fire magic and implemented a fire blast and enhancing objects with fire magic.
  • Rocks enhanced with fire magic explode. A little too violently.
  • Sarahul now ragdoll, too, when they die.
  • Sarahul lose balance when you terraform under them. For too long in the current build.

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