Dev Diary #23 – Refining the Art Style

After we’ve been featured in the press last week we got a lot of comments regarding our game. Thanks for all the feedback, folks! At the same time we try to explore the visual style of Son of Nor further.

We realize we cannot compete with top notch AAA teams that have dozens of pro artists. We only have 4. But then, how do we convey that we’re an indie team that would like to make an awesome game that also looks great? What style would fit our game, be fun, and be achievable for a team like ours with a reasonable amount of time? Other people think we could compete on visuals and are working on proving it. Exciting times.

For this week, we put together some styles real quick. Which one do you think looks great? We’d like to hear your opinion to help us in our internal discussion. After all we’re making the game for gamers, not only for our personal pleasure :)

So, after you’ve watched our Dev Diary, we invite you to voice your opinion here: Facebook Poll

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