Dev Diary #24 – Real Life Dev Jam

The next 2 weeks are going to be special. Adrian (US), Ricardo (Ecuador) and Chris (Switzerland) came to Austria, more specifically to Julian’s place in Innsbruck to talk about next steps, project planning and intensively work on Son of Nor together in one room.

What’s there to see in the game?

  • A new 3D artist from Germany joined our team. Ruben has a lot of experience in making things look awesome and he’s working on a new version of the player character. Apart from that he’s got some environment tasks on his todo list.
  • We’re also testing new animations Ruben added after rigging and weight painting the character.
  • After getting to know each other for the first time in real life, we installed a motion capture system in Julian’s appartment. We’re playing around with it to see if it could help us adding more animations faster.

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