Dev Diary #26 – Killer Vegetables and Bloopers

Crunch crunch crunch.

  • We’re experimenting with the camera’s focal length to convey the vastness of the desert.
  • We created and implemented another rough jump animation.
  • There are now killer vegetables in the game. Carrots are what Sarahul’s nightmares are about.
  • Lols aside, the vegetables are for a farm area at The Edge. People have to eat something.
  • Alex finished the blockout of the “Mirror Room” in the wind temple and Julian programmed the logic. Time to test, model and integrate assets.
  • Daniel created concepts for the Mirror Room.
  • We’re preparing our Kickstarter campaign and we’re shooting a ton of in-game and real world video. In this dev diary, you can see some of the bloopers ;)

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