Dev Diary #28 – Surprise Eggs

For all of you who celebrate this Sunday in any way, shape or form: HAPPY EASTER friends in all parts of the world! We have a looong list of presents of new cool stuff and some surprises for ourselves.

  • We put together a scenery to make some nicer screenshots.
  • Julian coded a new shader that takes 5 textures (actually 6): 1 diffuse, 2 normal, 2 ambient occlusion, and one for highlights included in one of the AO maps.
  • The new shader was requested by Ruben who created new rocks that looks so much better again than what we had.
  • Ruben did an animation for absorbing magical elements such as fire or wind – doesn’t look right yet.
  • Ruben did an animation for running sideways.
  • Aaron did an animation for the fire burst spell – we’re quite happy with this one, only minor tweaking needed.
  • Daniel created new sand particle textures for when rocks hit the sand.
  • Julian implemented the new dust cloud effect with Daniel’s texture.
  • There’s something special going on with canyon walls. You can point your telekinesis at huge rocks. But you’re not powerful enough to lift them in any way. Instead, …
  • LOOK what the Easter Bunny brought us! THANKS BERND! And HAPPY EASTER everybody.

Take care and watch out for April Fool’s jokes tomorrow!

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