Dev Diary #29 – Ragdolls Taking A Nap

This week you’ll see something else than our usual test level.

  • We’re full of chocolate after Easter. In German, you’d say “kugelrund”.
  • New color set on the character that players will be able to customize.
  • Improving the tutorial: the new drawbridge is in and works. The rocks need to be exchanged next.
  • Sarahul get their armor, the first piece is already on their body and it works with the rig.
  • There’s a slight problem there now, though. Sarahul tend to lean forward too much for some reason.
  • Our Kickstarter, if everything works out, is scheduled for April 17th. Still a lot to do until that date though!
  • New gorgeous red rock test scene where we play with lighting, rock placement and other eye candy.
  • New gorgeous volcanic rock test scene with bones, sand devils where we play with the same things. Bones are a little bright though.
  • Our ragdolls now work really well! Let’s celebrate that with some cliff diving.
  • Ragdolls need to rest, too.

We’d be very grateful for any help getting the ball rolling on Kickstarter on April 17th (if everything works out as planned). Every pledge will help :)

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