Dev Diary #30 – Effective One Legged Skillshots

It’s been a crazy week again. Soooo many updates!

  • We now have a backwards running animation. Backwards strafing is still silly looking.
  • After trying to fix it we got a funny animation bug. Animations would re-trigger constantly, resulting in the world’s fastest one legged sprinter. It’s worth a look.
  • There’s a relaxed idle animation but now the character can switch to an aggressive idle animation when a fight begins.
  • There’s a new character variation. He’s got hair now.
  • Grim facial expression so the char doesn’t smile when fighting enemies.
  • Ragdoll.
  • New terraforming up and down visual effect. It conveys the upwards/downwards movement better.
  • New visual indicator when absorbing fire or wind elements (the fire fairies are gone now).
  • Sarahul with armor work now, too. No more ridiculous forward leaning.
  • When enemies die, they don’t just disappear, but disintegrate in a sandy fashion.
  • Kickstarter was pushed back to 24th April (if it works out this time)…
  • We got some pretty amazing Kickstarter reward illustrations back from our new illustrator. We love them, and they look good on our Kickstarter test page (you’ll have to wait to see these).
  • Another outtake from our Kickstarter in-game shooting. In one game situation, Daniel managed to kill his colleagues Alex and Bernd with a single shot. Pwned.

We should have guessed it. Our Kickstarter campaign will be delayed by one week. It’s now scheduled for April 24th. It’s tax time in the US and it takes a looong time apparently to get the employer ID number and a bank account. Also, the verification payment from Amazon Payments to the account can take up to 7 days (this is what we’re now waiting for). We started preparing this for a long time and now every little step takes a week. Devil is in the details…

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