Dev Diary #31 – Sarahul Dispenser

Animations are getting better and better. Also thanks to adjustments in the character animation controller!

  • Improved character animation controller: Animations now have shorter transition times and the character reacts more quickly to input changes.
  • Work on the fire burst visual effect. Experimentation with different types of flames.
  • Fire burst and wind push can now be cast up- and downwards. This is useful in up- and downhill battles. Previously, these spells could only be cast on the same horizontal axis the player was on, making up- and downhill battles impossible.
  • New fire enhancement visual effect.
  • New wind push visual effect.
  • Sarahul with bows now got a bow shooting animation. But we need to put the bow into the other hand. Last minute features always suffer from bugs…
  • I take an arrow to the … behind.
  • Not exactly a feature, more of a byproduct. The Sarahul dispenser at work.
  • Julian takes a nap while I bring you weekly updates.
  • 3 DAYS to our Kickstarter campaign! We are still praying as some account verification process seems to still be ongoing. How long does that stuff take! Arghhh. Our nerves…

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