Dev Diary #35 – Family Photo

Development is going on in every corner at stillalive studios! We’re setting up systems in the background like our backer forums and digital downloads so you can get your hands on our playground / sandbox level very soon now! All backers with higher tiers (design an NPC, influencer) will be next. As soon as we have the systems in place we’ll start getting in touch with you and schedule meetings to talk :) This will be very cool! What else was going on this week?

  • We sent out our backer survey! What name would you like to see in the credits, where should we ship physical stuff to, what add-ons would you like? Check your emails if you’re a backer and fill in the survey! If you haven’t gotten an email, let us know!
  • We’re on Steam Greenlight and this is very important to us. Please vote for us if you haven’t already:
  • Random tweaks on visual effects: this week we were working on the wind push. Not sure if this’ll stay though.
  • Concepts and models for Sarahul camp props by Daniel and Sini.
  • New enemy: Daniel worked on some lost soul / ghost concepts this week among many other things.
  • We’re continuing the work on the Sarahul armor. Adrian does a great job completing all the pieces for the Sarahul.
  • Some game design challenges we’re playing around with: how to prevent players from using telekinesis to build infinite stairs?
  • New enemy: Daniel created concepts and Adrian modeled the first Sarahul mage. It’s close to be being ready for animation.

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