Dev Diary #40 – A Guided Fire Tour

And it burns, burns, burns…

  • Julian seriously discovered he can change fonts for the intro to make it look more techie, since he’s the tech guy…
  • Things can now burn. We show a Sarahul tent that gets burned to the ground after treated with fire magic.
  • The player character now has all animations, no more sliding on the ground when levitating rocks and moving.
  • Jason heavily improved the fire particle effect. When rocks get enhanced with fire, it now looks so much better!
  • Throwing a burning object now looks like a cool comet ;)
  • Julian shows how to disarm a Sarahul alarm trigger with a fire enhanced rock.
  • Close-up rendering of a Sarahul sword.
  • We show the Sarahul arch mage boss.
  • We completely re-designed the temples in Son of Nor. They always looked a bit too alien for the world of Son of Nor. Daniel sat down and drew new concepts for them, re-imagined. And we’re very happy how this turned out. The new temples look much more integrated into the world, ancient, with carvings in the stone.
  • Julian gives you an in-depth tour of the fire temple camp level we’re working on. Enjoy!

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