Dev Diary #44 – Goose Bumps

This week we’ll listen to some music and show you plenty of great screenshots of behind the scenes stuff!

  • I was at demodays 2013 in Olten, Switzerland over the weekend, Julian was in Cologne at gamescom 2013 the whole week, showing off Son of Nor!
  • New temple concepts get realized, Daniel concepted a temple entrance, Sini started working on it.
  • New enemy type, more specifically a new type of Sarahul: Sarahul Seer. Daniel drew the concept, Adrian modeled and textured it. Ready for animation.
  • Our big enemy the sand dragon also got into the next stage. Concepts were finished by Daniel and Adrian was looking forward to model this guy for a long tome now! We show new pictures of the progress.
  • Daniel is about to finish yet another concept of a woman. She’ll play a very important role in the game but we won’t disclose what role exactly at this point in time.
  • Julian teased our first piece of music last week. In this dev diary I give this first track the spotlight it deserves. Credits for the music go to our composer Mike!
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