Dev Diary #47 – Sarahul Dancing Around A Place

Since we can finally test a coherent level, we do so and introduce regular testing sessions.

  • Chris tries welcoming you in Russian this week.
  • We set up Bugzilla to better track all the bugs we encounter from now on. Basecamp was not really designed for such a thing.
  • One bug is titled “Sarahul dancing around a place”.
  • All our programmers are working like crazy fixing those bugs and send tons of changlogs.
  • We established regular testing sessions. Every second Friday everybody quits their work and we playtest the level.
  • Suuuuper early blockout footage of the fire temple interior Alex is working on.
  • Jason worked on the Havoc spell. It’s the combination of fire, water, and essence magic.
  • Jason also created a geyser effect for our coast level.
  • Adrian is finishing up the ghost enemy that’ll roam the ghost city.
  • Chris wanted to finally reveal what’s up with the mysterious woman.
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum:

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