Dev Diary #48 – Performance Havok

In this week’s dev diary, Julian takes you through a very cool and rather educational presentation about improving the performance of the game!

  • Alert: a lot of coder art is shown, so brace yourselves.
  • The Havoc Beam. The ultimate elemental spell combination, it’s super, it’s powerful, and it’s still in the works.
  • Julian talks about performance optimization. It is very important to us that the game runs as smoothly as possible, of course.
  • The terraforming now runs on a different CPU core. We’re getting a lot more frames per second now.
  • Our biggest level was a little crazy and unplayable at first. We used far too many and detailed colliders. We optimized them to find the sweet spot between collision detection and frame rate.
  • Performance was also improved with the creation of occlusion culling data. In other words, only objects that can be seen are rendered. Take a look, it is pretty cool seeing it work!
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