Dev Diary #50 – Anniversary Edition

We celebrate our 50th dev diary this week! Let’s take a look at what we achieved in the last year and what’s new this week. Looking back, it was a long journey :)

  • We’re 50 and thus we’re doing this for almost a year now! That’s why we take the opportunity to look back at what we achieved since the first dev diary!
  • It’s been a long journey with many ups and equally many and violent downs. We’re still here and it seems we’re going to go on :) Thank YOU for hanging in there with us, for being interested, asking questions, critically commenting on our progress (liking our positive progress, constrictuvely calling out what you don’t like). Thank YOU for a great 50 weeks. You’re awesome!
  • Many of us at stillalive studios work on Kickstarter rewards. Adrian modeled the Son of Nor medallion for the collector’s edition backers. We produced two physical copies to check out the materials!
  • The mysterious woman you know all about went into the modeling phase and progresses nicely.
  • We show you another key figure in Son of Nor’s story. The “Shrouded Figure”. So we now have 2 characters we can’t talk about. But we can show ’em.
  • A lot of work is going into the user interface (UI). Ricardo started doing flow charts and mockups some time ago and he now works with Jason to implement the first iterations, while Jason experimented a lot with layout, design and buttons. Many, many buttons.
  • The coder team fixed tons of bugs and improved overall performance.
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum:

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