Dev Diary #52 – Happy Late Birthday

Jam-packed episode about cluttering, Sarahul mages, scorpions, new player characters and work we do outside the game. Ricardo shows you around.

  • 2 episodes ago we had our 50th dev diary, which was a cool round number. This time it’s #52. Since we do this every week, it’s been 52 weeks, meaning a full year of dev diaries! Turns out we started earlier. Whatever, it’s episode 52, we’re happy and take every chance to celebrate.
  • Beautifying a level (i.e. adding plants and stuff) is a long process. We haven’t got enough manpower in that area. Ricardo is learning the ropes of Unity to help out.
  • Ricardo shows the current state of the Bible of Nor. A combined art book / lore book that’s going to be available digitally and as physical copy for backers of the collector’s editions.
  • The map of Noshrac is another asset Ricardo shows off. The map of the world of Son of Nor that’s going to be printed as poster.
  • Programming of the Sarahul mage is progressing. An enemy type that doesn’t fight with sword or bow but can use magic.
  • Ricardo shows an early stage of the scorpion enemy. An enemy we’re working on for a long time now but have had multiple problems implementing.
  • Ruben worked on a new player character we call the “Weathered Man”
  • The new temples we’re working on are progressing. What we could only show as a rough blockout in the past dev diaries is taking shape. Alex and Daniel are working on it.
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