Dev Diary #54 – Official Names

New content was added to the Fire Temple Camp, the Fire Temple and Lur’s Temple this week. We also show a picture of a new playable character.

  • We added terraforming and physics challenges to Cinder Valley, which btw is the official name for the level we called the “Fire Temple Camp”.
  • More work went into Cinder Valley to give it more verticality. We also added post-image effects to tune in on the atmosphere we’d like the level to convey.
  • Ricardo shows scenes from within the Fire Temple with all the work that went into it this week. New rooms, textures, some polishing, mechanisms.
  • The big empty area (early blockout) Chris showed last week (code name Lur’s Temple, official name Yant’shaza) got a pretty big update. It’s a Sarahul temple complex and you can see plenty of buildings now.
  • Since Yant’shaza is a pretty big map, it needs to be loaded in parts. Julian worked on a transition / gate mechanism to unload parts of the level and load in new areas. WIP.
  • Wind gusts push you around and make it hard to stay undetected while hiding on rooftops.
  • Ruben almost finished modeling and texturing a new playable character for you to choose from. The weathered man. You can see portrait pic of him in the video.
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