Dev Diary #55 – On the Face of the Sarahul

Play Phoenix, our Devmania 2013 game jam game. And lead dev Julian talks about localization and shows pressure plate mechanisms.

  • More work on the game’s menu. Before polishing it and making it pretty, the tech behind it needs to be solid. Especially translation of menu text is in the focus of this week’s dev efforts.
  • Menu in English and German are working. We’re working on implementing the cyrillic script.
  • Storing multiple elements worked already in the game, now we added a rudimentary visual representation to show the stored elements and the number of charges left. It looks ugly, don’t look at it for too long.
  • Physics based pressure plates were implemented that react to the weight placed on them. Example: A pressure plate reacting to 150kg of weight cannot be triggered with a 120kg rock. But if the player steps on the plate, too, bringing the weight over 150kg, the plate will work.
  • We were at Devmania 2013 a month ago and participated in a 12 hour game jam (=an entire game was made from idea to implementation in only 12 hours). The resulting game was “Phoenix”. A tower defense type game with no towers, but a giant burning bird. We released it for you to play and have fun. How many waves do you survive? How many creeps could you kill? Post some highscores here!
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