Dev Diary #56 – The Guy That Just Stood There

Cushion falls with the wind push or do double jumps! Happy news for our Fire Temple Camp Alpha and Sandbox backers!

  • Using wind push close to the ground when falling long distances will cushion your fall and reduce damage or even avoid death.
  • Do double jumps by jumping and using wind push to push you higher in the air (unsure if this will stay in the game, we’re experimenting with it)
  • Experimentation with visual indicators for visibility. As sneaking can be a part of Son of Nor depending on the individual play style, one has to have an idea if one is visible to the enemy or not. The code is implemented but the art is still “coder art”, so close your eyes and forgive us :)
  • Sarahul can be really dangerous even in small groups! They’re not the cannon fodder they once were.
  • Some work was going on in Lur’s Temple, or Yant’shaza (official name)
  • The Fire Temple Camp level is ready and was submitted to the Humble Store for all the Fire Temple Camp Alpha add-on backers! Watch your inboxes as you’ll get links and codes to download it soon!
  • Sandbox backers! We’ve heavily updated the sandbox! We added new magic combinations, essence magic, wind push jumps, absorbing multiple elements and switching between them, a new loading screen to initiate multiplayer and single player games, and ENEMIES! If you want to join this ride, you can get the Sandbox for 5 bucks in our shop
  • We’re going to Spain! To Bilbao to be more exact. We’ve been nominated in 3 categories in the HóPLAY contest! Keep your fingers crossed for us, thanks!
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