Dev Diary #57 – Head in the Clouds

Ricardo gives you an insight into how the game plays as more and more features are coming together in this week’s build.

  • Ricardo reveals his best German.
  • Sini and Caspar worked on props that will decorate upcoming levels like plaques and columns, crates, bags, kegs, training dummies.
  • Adrian spent time on different townspeople’s clothes to create multiple characters in various outfits.
  • Daniel drafted the 4th playable character code named sarcastic girl.
  • This week, Ricardo put some “hardmud” into levels. It’s got no texture yet but it works. Mud slows you down and can be dried with fire to trap enemies.
  • We show off how to use different powers together in Yant’shaza. It gives another sneak peek at the variety of gameplay.
  • Shoot fire on a sand floor and get glass and throw it at enemies.
  • Julian’s head is integrated in the game. Somehow. Very creepy…
  • You can blast certain doors open using the wind power.
  • Alex started work on the Wind Temple (formerly known as the sand temple).
  • Music by our own Mike Skalandunas (original soundtrack) and shallow & profound (the trancy tunes)
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