Dev Diary #59 – BOSS FIGHT

This week: FIRST BOSS FIGHT. And last days to vote for us on IndieDB as Indie of the Year.

  • It’s just one click! Vote for us in the Indie of the Year Award:
  • develop magazine, a UK game dev magazine, chose stillalive studios to be among the top 100 European game start-ups.
  • Brain Hackers is a group of talented youngsters in New Mexico who experiments with the Emotiv EPOC brain computer interface and play Son of Nor with it!
  • We show some footage of the first BOSS FIGHT in Son of Nor.
  • Chris introduces the “Chris’ Sound Cooking Show”.
  • Chris shows how the Scarab Bugs and Scarab Queen sounds were made.
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum:

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