Dev Diary #60 – Cluttered With Coolness

New visual FX, enemy AI improvements and Fire Temple beautification.

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  • Adrian is puzzling together different townsfolk.
  • Sini made decorated pillars for Yant’shaza with cool lizards.
  • Jason added FX to our hardmud obstacle.
  • An he also added an effect to the wind magic active area that indicates you can combine other types of magic with wind.
  • The coder team improved enemy AI: Sarahul previously didn’t see you when you switched to fire magic and had happily glowing hands of fire, which was strange. So now, even if you’re hidden in the dark, when you activate fire magic, enemies will see you.
  • We integrated new assets into the Fire Temple like doors installed by the Sarahul, guardian turrets that shoot moving things, force fields that hold metal pieces from the assembly line together, buttons, and the obelisk we showed months ago and looked totally different!
  • Alex has started totally re-working the first level, The Edge. It’s far away still but there has been some slight progress.
  • We’re experimenting with uSequencer for cutscenes.
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