Dev Diary #62 – Row Row Row Your Boat

Son of Nor goes eye-tracking. Row your boats with wind magic. And another boss fight!

  • Happy New Year! And welcome to 2014 :) A great year for game development!
  • We were approached by SteelSeries, a leading maker of gaming gear, and Tobii, a company specialized in assistive devices and eye-tracking. We agreed to a partnership to support their upcoming consumer eye-tracking device in Son of Nor. We’ll report back as soon as we have the dev kits and know more about how this device works.
  • According to The Indie Mine, Son of Nor is one of the “Most Anticipated Games Of 2014
  • We found a way to cushion a player’s fall with wind magic without making the player able to fly.
  • We’re experimenting with yet another method of aiming with telekinesis objects. It’s hard to get this right and make it feel right / natural.
  • We implemented a mechanic to move vehicles or boats using wind push. It’s a sail mechanic that can also be used for later puzzles to drive mechanisms or machines.
  • We implemented another boss fight. Enemy behaviour for the Sarahul Arch Mage was programmed. Animations don’t always follow the Sarahul’s actions well yet.
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