Dev Diary #63 – Manhandling With Your Mind

This week’s dev diary shows quite some updates, but most importantly we introduced a new mechanic that can basically turn you into Darth Vader.

  • Harness the elemental power of coffee with this very special and ancient relic. You can do spell combos with it too!
  • Chris finally found a way to go over his problems with Mavericks+Unity and he’s back on track with the sounds! this week, Fire Temple Sounds.
  • Jason has been working on revamping some effects, the fire looks more fiery and hot, also there’s a new enhancing objects with fire effect, and the tar pit is taking more shape.
  • The Wind Temple is coming together with new assets being implemented. Daniel and Sini have been working hard on making this place look awesome. All temples are similar, but with each new asset, they look a bit different in a way. After all, they possess different elements inside.
  • Adrian has been non-stop working on one of the playable characters, The Weathered Man. He has a big beard which means he is super cool.
  • This week we introduce to you a new game mechanic, we don’t want to spoil much, watch the video, you’ll maybe see the dark side.
  • Finally just for the funs, we show a small blooper of Ricardo messing around with the wind sailing mechanics, again, reference galore.
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