Dev Diary #64 – Sarahul Medium-Rare

We made lots of gameplay adjustments this week. So much in fact that Julian doesn’t even know what week it is.

  • We were working on an unobtrusive tutorial system to show first time players how controls work.
  • Roast enemies over a camp fire.
  • Julian addresses concerns that grabbing an enemy with telekinesis might be too powerful. He explains.
  • Sarahul scout AI was improved. A hit now also slows you down a bit. AI is very complicated to work on. Creatures tend to do unexpected things and debugging is not that easy.
  • The feeling of lifting objects with telekinesis was overhauled. Light items should feel light and heavy items should feel heavier. It takes a lot of try and error to get the feeling about right.
  • We have a button that teleports objects.
  • As a side note: Julian just declared this dev diary #63 (because it’s cool in binary %111111). But don’t worry, it’s #64, you’re in the right place.
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