Dev Diary #70 – Pirate Transmission

Something is wrong with this week’s dev diary. The original content is gone, but I guess we can use the diary anyway…

  • Hear new sounds by Chris! Tearing out crystals from their pedestals and tearing out rocks from their original shape. It comes with a really cool camera shake!
  • Alex, our producer and level designer interrupts our original broadcast to show a time-lapse video of him building one of the levels you’ll play through almost at the end of the game. Check how the first block-out is done and how testing as you build is really important! Don’t forget you can ask Alex any game-related question at his account.
  • Argh, so who was that woman?
  • We’re going to be at GDC! You’ll be able to test Son of Nor WITH eye-tracking there! Contact us if you’ll be around. We’ll be at the Tobii eye-tracking booth!
  • Get into the discussion and leave your comments here, on YouTube, or join our forum at so we can discuss your opinion in our daily team meetings!

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