Dev Diary #73 – The Pillar’s Had Enough

Lots of testing this week and guess what: Son of Nor is surprisingly fun to play!

  • This week: We added more atmo (haze, steam) to the Fire Temple, new enemy in the fire temple, sounds for this new enemy (no spoilers but you can hear the sound), I discovered a very old piece of coder art while testing, some pillars of a temple try to escape when destroyed, playtesting Yant’shaza a lot, sounds for the scorpion enemy and behind the scenes of making these sounds.
  • We’re especially interested in what you think of the different ways you can take in a level. Do you prefer options or super linear gameplay?
  • Get into the discussion and leave your comments here, on YouTube, or join our forum at so we can discuss YOUR opinion in our daily team meetings!

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