Dev Diary #76 – Gallery of the Grotesque

Look for the egg, we’ve hidden one in this week’s dev diary beside loudness metering and grotesque sand statues.

  • Us devs have Son of Nor now in our Steam library for testing. It’s a cool feeling seeing one’s game there.
  • Yant’shaza cluttering progress.
  • Grotesque sand statues when getting rid of Sarahul. Statue pose competition as soon as our alpha starts ;)
  • Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill.
  • Diving into tech land: Loudness metering for games is important as with any audio product in the digital audio world. Chris shows how he does it.
  • There are so many strange websites on the internet, some of which are just not necessary. But to whom is this any news…
  • We’re slowly climbing the ranks in the cracker universe even though our game isn’t released yet (we’re getting to alpha state now). Starting from bedrock, a cracker has taken up the task to distribute Son of Nor WITH CRACK even though everything we’ve released so far wasn’t protected AT ALL :) Funny if you think about it…
  • HAPPY EASTER. Did you find the Easter Egg hidden in this dev diary? :) :) Happy searching!
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