Dev Diary #78 – The Spoiler Censor

This week there’s progress on a level we showed some time back as well as the last temple, the essence temple.

  • Our last story time dev diary was well received and we reached rank 7 on IndieDB, which is always a nice feeling.
  • We showed you a timelapse video of a dripstone cave blockout a while back. It didn’t look much like a cave then but we made progress in this area we’d like to show. Take a look and listen.
  • In this level, too, players can choose among several paths, depending on their playing style.
  • Don’t break the eggs. Other than that there is fun to be had with them.
  • The essence temple with dragonlings that are immune to damage (at first), some puzzles, Indiana Jones style abysses and leaps of faith and more.
  • Some infos about the Essence spell.
  • Get into the discussion and leave your comments here, on YouTube, or join our forum at so we can discuss your opinion in our daily team meetings!

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