Dev Diary #79 – Mike’s Music of Noshrac

Another look at strange places Son of Nor popped up on the internet. And a lot of MUSIC!

  • I got some more Google Alerts this week about places on the internet where Son of Nor suddenly appeared. I like to investigate these as they sometimes are quite funny. Cracker sites advertising to have a crack / serial / activator for Son of Nor (a game that isn’t even released yet and only has demo versions that don’t need any crack) are a source of humor. Places claiming to have lifetime licenses (what a funny choice of words) or instructions that say you have to make sure to install all the software components for the game to work (which tells me that maybe more pieces of software get installed than you actually want).
  • We showed music of Son of Nor a few times but always rather quick. I like to dedicate this episode to music and to our composer Mike, who does a great job. I picked scenes for which we have the soundtrack more or less ready and cut it together, resulting in a Son of Nor medley. Enjoy.
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