Dev Diary #81 – Human Flavor

More polishing and Son of Nor now starts to feel like a “game” even for us! Some NPCs talk about bananas.

  • It’s hard for us to think of Son of Nor as a playable game as we’re working on so many ends, we’re constantly seeing behind the scenes, we’re testing little pieces all the time so that we literally don’t see the big picture. There’s a nice saying in German: Wir sehen den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht mehr (not to see the wood for the trees). But now that we play through the game in bigger chunks, everything comes together, also for us. Which is really cool to see. Son of Nor is fun :)
  • You can now interact with NPCs and they have a separat little icon that indicates you can talk to them or interact with them (quest givers).
  • All dialogs are localised. Text is pulled from external files we can edit and translate outside the game. Have a peek inside.
  • More color and lighting improvements.
  • Rocks you can pull out of canyon walls now have a great representation in-game.
  • To prevent players from being without ammo, we introduced re-growing crystals and things that can be picked up again and again.
  • We updated the tree shader to take lighting better into account and also bend in the wind. Settings need to be tweaked though, currently trees wobble funnily ;)
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