Dev Diary #82 – Shant Plader

Follow Chris as he creates monster sounds. And behold the “Child of Nor” super suit™ for kids!

  • We tweaked the plant shader. Trees now gently wave in the wind. No more spastic dancing. There were some funny side effects along the way.
  • Chris completely reworked creature sounds for the Sarahul. They now sound more aggressive. We show the sound design process in this diary with lions, horses and our own voices.
  • Take a peek behind the scenes: stillalive studios threw a BBQ party in Innsbruck, Austria, a week ago. See Julian being the grill master and us having fun.
  • While Chris was there, he got a super hero super suit for his soon to be super kid, hand made by the team.
  • We love our fans. Chris got a 3D printed belt buckle as a present!
  • We declare this day to be the show-your-favorite-game-developer-some-love-day. Pick your favorite dev and write them a nice mail that you appreciate what they’re doing!
  • Get into the discussion and leave your comments here, on YouTube, or join our forum at so we can discuss your opinion in our daily team meetings!

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