Partnership with Viva Media & bitComposer

We’d like to take the opportunity to announce something that has been in the making for a very long time. And we are happy that we can talk about it today.

We have partnered with two great companies, US based Viva Media and Germany based bitComposer to help us distribute Son of Nor internationally. Meaning, bringing our game to more countries and languages than we could have imagined. We can continue focusing on game development while getting a lot of help and many years of experience with all the organisational and administrative tasks that stand behind releasing a game.

What are the benefits for our fans and gamers?
Voice-over! There will be more areas to explore, player customizations and cool spell variations for everybody! At no additional cost! We even squeezed in some funny easter eggs :) And because of the additional quality assurance teams that are assigned to Son of Nor, you will get a better, more polished game experience.

Does this mean stillalive studios made a classic publisher deal and sold their soul?
No, we certainly haven’t :) Don’t worry, Viva Media and bitComposer get it and know how important our independence is to us and our community. We’re not giving up our indie status, neither have we given away our intellectual property. We get a lot of help with the very demanding and complex task of distribution and marketing and we are super thankful for that.

In short: Our goal is to build an awesome little indie studio that is a great home for our whole team. With this partnership we’re one step closer to this goal. We focus on what we do best and we are not afraid to ask for help where others have their strengths.

We thank Viva Media and bitComposer for their support.

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