PRESS RELEASE – Mainstreamifying Son of Nor

INNSBRUCK, Australia – April 1 2014 – stillalive studios today announced its additional plans to overhaul the basic concept of its flagship game in development Son of Nor. “We want to bring Son of Nor to the next level, more to what the millions of players out there know and love”, said Julian Mautner, CEO of the company. “We’re heavily looking at industry standards introduced by well-known game heavy weights. The magic word is free-to-play and in-app purchases.”

Instead of using places like water, tornados and camp fires to replenish magical powers, players will now have to look for Shrines of Nor. There, they will pray to replenish their elemental powers.


For that, players have to spend a certain amount of in-game coin they find in the desert while terraforming sand, called Desert Coins. Replenishing powers takes from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the amount of Desert Coins players find. Of course, this can be sped up! “This is where we take the very best ideas of huge game companies we admire, they showed us the way”, said Alexander Grenus, producer of Son of Nor. “To speed up the process AND make the experience more immersive for players, we will have an online shop where you can spend REAL money to buy Desert Coins,” Grenus said. “Donating in a game NEVER felt so real! The more Desert Coins players spend, the quicker their powers replenish, which brings the waiting time down to zero.”

There will also be special features and new abilities players can buy at these shrines. One of them is revealed here. Son of Nor sports the popular Wind Push based on the wind element to push back enemies and make way to dash from an angry mob of

Designers at stillalive studios speculated, if a mob was on a player’s heels, it was very inconvenient to turn around and cast Wind Push. Why not create an ability where players could defend themselves WHILE running away? This is what the team realized and thus created the Backwards Wind Push, which does two things: it pushes back enemies and slows them down because of its toxic odors AND it pushes players forward so they can run away even faster. “Making sounds for this special ability was always my personal dream”, says Chris Polus, sound designer for Son of

This special ability will be available for extra long praying times at Shrines of Nor. 8 hours upwards. Or, as mentioned, you can have it instantly for donations made with real money that players can get directly from the upcoming online shop.

Stay tuned for more cool special abilities you can pray for in our upcoming blogposts…

Happy April 1st. Happy gaming.

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