Son of Nor Diary #83 – Spell Announcement

Son of Nor BETA is out! We announced a great distribution deal this week and new spells have landed!

  • Our closed beta has arrived! Beta backers: download and test the game!
  • We announced a great partnership this week with Viva Media and bitComposer. They’ll help us with the distribution of Son of Nor. Read more here:
  • New spell: Fire Nova. Powerful but use it with caution.
  • New spell: Wind Field. A shield and crowd control in one.
  • New spell: Summoning. Summons a ghost that helps in fights.
  • To keep our sanity, dev diaries from now on will be released MONDAYS so that we can take the weekend off, too. It all got a little intense. Besides, everybody likes to watch videos on Monday instead of working. So this is good timing.
  • We also renamed the generic “Dev Diary” to “SASDiary” and specify the game “Son of Nor”. You never know when we might start developing a new game for which we then need another name! ;) ;)
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