Son of Nor Diary #85 – Hee HEEEE

Great new sounds and lots of awesome polishing was done this week thanks to let’s players!

  • New player models are being implemented. Textures are still missing, though.
  • New animations are being tried, some are not set up correctly ;)
  • There’s now an audbible indicator when your life is low.
  • Some more quirky settings with the player character, you turn into the female model when you die. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
  • We were watching a lot of let’s play footage and a guy streaming Son of Nor beta and started improving many things they complained about: puzzles, information, player guidance, bugs.
  • We have to break levels up because they just crash Unity 3D because of their size. We have to make them smaller. There were levels nobody could even start anymore in the editor.
  • Intermezzo.
  • Visual tweaks were applied to Yant’shaza to make it look hotter and more jungly.
  • There’s an easy way to kill scarabs nobody has found yet. We’re going to keep it secret, too. It’s fun discovering it.
  • Sarahul Mages now have their proper sounds when they cast spells like Ray of Light and Solar Flare!
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