Son of Nor Diary #87 – Hold It! That Looks Great!

Our Steam Early Access is approaching and we’re preparing things like crazy!

  • So the game development process comes into its final stretches. We do a lot of things to wrap up all lose ends. Some examples.
  • We’re working on promotional material with our render artist Ruben doing new poses and new high resolution character models. See how the male character model evolved and how the female character looks. They look amazing!
  • Multiplayer now works! We had some fun in multiplayer sessions. Splitscreen also works and we’ll be able to show it in one of the next dev diaries.
  • We’re creating the trailer for the early access launch and Julian implemented some neat functions to be able to record cooler scenes from the game. If you have a game you want to do some videos for, plan in a lot of time and code some extra functions to make it easier for you to stage game situations. The trailer will only be about 90 seconds but we’re on it already for more than a solid work week. Especially when you try to record features that are in a very unstable state still: Hello coders? Fix this please. Wait, update, try again. And then something else breaks ;)
  • More things we do to prepare for the launch is our localisation database. We use keys that then call the text in a specific language. Like in a poor man’s database. This way we can translate text in different spreadsheets and just switch the file to completely switch the game to a different language.
  • We also use documents that tell us who says a line and with what emotion. This will play a role once we do voice-overs for the lines. Every bit of dialog in the game will be voice acted! Yay! For a limited amount of languages, however.
  • We are polishing cutscenes and level design. We added ivy flowers that help players spot interesting things.
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