Son of Nor Diary #88 – Early Access Questions

This week we show some weird matrix IK movement bullet dodging. Steam Early Access will start July 24th!

  • You can get Son of Nor on Steam Early Access from July 24th! We’ve been hard at work polishing the areas that will be released that day. Please note it’s still Early Access, meaning beta. Not all the levels are implemented, not everything is polished to it’s final state but we should be pretty close!
  • Our Steam Early Access coming soon page is up! Take a look:
  • Weird matrix IK movement bullet dodging
  • Work on the main menu progressed. Note to developers: Don’t underestimate the work it takes to implement all the menu functions. Resolution changes, gamma correction, sound volume sliders, fullscreen modes, controller setup, the menu’s aspect ratio (oh my) and so on! It’s a huge pile of work and we definitely thought it was going to be easier. Usability is also important. Don’t frustrate people with a cryptic menu and a 5 level deep structure.
  • Multiplayer via Steam is working! No port forwarding, no router configuration, no firewall disabling required. It’s a very smooth and simple experience!
  • Multiplayer via split-screen is working!
  • We want to take some time in our SAS diaries to answer questions we get and turn them into a video FAQ or Q&A. Tune in, it’s fun!
  • Questions: Can you show us split-screen? Are backers going to get Early Access access? Any plans for final release? What about the Oculus Rift? Why carrots?
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