Son of Nor Diary #89 – Controlling Music

Son of Nor will be available on Steam Early Access Thursday, July 24th! Also: Lots of updates in this week’s SASDiary!

  • Chris added sounds to rolling boulders, lava being poured, moving the lava pourer, important things hovering and moving, assembly line shutdowns, Sarahul Seers throwing and catching their discs, regrowing crystals. And saving best for last: Enhancing throwable things with fire and wind!
  • We demonstrate the music controller we made for Son of Nor. It controls what music is being played in exploration and battle situations, how tracks are crossfaded, stinger sounds can be defined, and boss battle areas.
  • This week’s share of bugs and strangeness happening: Falling through the ground, swimming, Sarahul Seers that suddenly fly away during battle, multiplayer sync issues, huge people turning up out of nowhere.
  • “Circus Sarahuli” showing tricks while recording Early Access footage.
  • Sneak peek at our upcoming Steam Early Access trailer.
  • Son of Nor will be available on Steam Early Access: Thursday, July 24th. Mark the date :)
  • Back of the book: Our Q&A session with questions from forums and comments.
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